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  Mindjet JCVGantt Pro 3.0    


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What is this Product?

JCVGantt Pro 3 software provides an easy to use, yet powerful solution to track projects and tasks. It enables executives, project managers and event organizers to improve the accuracy of their time and cost estimating while decreasing the time it takes to plan a new project.

Even beginner Project Managers can now track and report upon key project issues.

  • Instantly identify the project’s critical path
  • Automatically calculate the total project cost when changes are made to tasks and assigned resources
  • Analyze budgetary risks before they become problems by using baseline snapshots of the project

For greater flexibility in project planning, combine JCVGantt with MindManager Pro 7. The visual interface and integration with MindManager Pro 7 helps teams capture project information and schedules, evaluate options and pursue the most promising strategy in either map view or Gantt chart view.

Project deliverables can now be viewed in a timeline, giving you more insight into your work, and empowering you with the right information at the right time.

Provides effective project time management, helping executives, project managers and event organizers improve the accuracy of their time and cost estimating while decreasing the time it takes to plan a new project.

  • Quickly calculates the total project cost
  • Instantly identifies the project’s critical path
  • Create charts in minutes with drag-and-drop GanttParts™, designed to let you think through a project schedule once, and then use it again.
  • Easily assign the same resources to multiple projects.
  • Full ink support enables hand-written projects on Tablet PCs
  • Instantly synchronizes data in both the JCVGantt and MindManager for increased productivity throughout the full project life cycle from business analysis, gathering requirements, planning and execution.
  • Synchronize with MindManager
    Produce a project plan even faster with integration to MindManager Pro 7. Brainstorm all the tasks in MindManager and watch them instantly synchronize in JCVGantt Pro 3.
  • Gantt Parts™
    Re-use project and resource information you’ve already entered for your last project and jump-start thinking with drag and drop Gantt Parts. You'll find Gantt Parts included for Six Sigma, Military Missions (SMEAC), Naval Situation Analysis (SOS), Risk Analysis, Extreme Programming, strategic planning, project initiation and more.
  • Create New Tasks on the Fly
    Floating task panes make task planning easier by letting you enter task priority, date information, and percent done with just the click of a mouse.
  • Calculate Costs
    Calculate variable resource costs in real-time as the task duration increases and decreases in the Gantt chart.
  • User Sheets
    Add your own blank spreadsheets to your project schedule and use many Microsoft® Excel-compatible functions.
  • Customize Project Cost Reports
    Produce customizable project cost reports. You can also export to and import from Microsoft Excel.
  • Instantly Spot the Critical Path
    Every dependency in the project can be made easy to spot in red fill-color.
  • Customize Field Names
    Assign your own labels to task field names to fit your preferred terminology.
  • Hand-Write Your Project
    Enter an entire project plan without ever using a keyboard. "Ink entry" allows Tablet PC users to enter an entire project plan using only the stylus. All project tasks and resource information supports ink as does the "task note" feature allowing you to scribble notes or technical drawings related to each task.
  • Resource Pooling
    Assign the same group of resources to multiple projects. Track the work being done by each resource so that you can determine whether someone is under loaded or overloaded with work.
  • Store Your Own Information
    User-defined fields are stored in Task Info drop-down menus for quick entry.
  • Intelligent Time Line
    Intelligent dependency calculations plan around non-work days like holidays, weekends and sick days.
  • Baseline Snapshots
    Spot budgetary problems before they turn into big problems with Baseline Snapshots to create your own risk analysis.

Gantt Parts™

Create New Tasks on the Fly

Calculate Costs

User Sheets

Customize Project Cost Reports

Instantly Spot the Critical Path

Customize Field Names

Hand-Write Your Project

Resource Pooling

System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems:
-Microsoft® Windows® Vista™
-Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional, Home or Tablet PC Editions
-Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003

System Requirements:
-IBM or compatible Pentium® III Processor (800 MHz or greater)
-128 MB RAM or greater
-SVGA (800 x 600 or greater) with 256 colors (1024 x 768 with 16-bit color recommended)

Additional requirements to use certain features:
-Mindjet® MindManager® Pro 7


US$129.00 Mindjet JCVGantt Pro 3.0 Single license Buy Now

US$69.00 Mindjet JCVGantt Pro 3.0 Upgrade Buy Now

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