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What is this Product?

Report Maker is the best report tool in the world. Report Maker helps you to create Standard and professional reports from your favorite database. Report Maker release you from inputting the lots of records. It support all standard personal and client-server. It enhance your efficiency, you complete a day work in five minutes.

Browse databases, run SQL queries, or build reports. Convert databases to MS Excel spreadsheet. Reporting software can create report of thousands record in five minutes! Simply drag and drop the fields you want. Statistical data analysis software to get the result you want. Distribute data to web directly.

  • Supports client-server databases: Report Maker support all standard databases, SQL Server, Oracle, SYBASE, DB2, Access, DBASE, Foxpro, Paradox, etc.
  • Easy use: Easy and quick generator of the reports. The powerful designer of the reports will allows you generate the report easily and quickly. Quickly build field mapping between source and target dataset. Through mouse dragging, a field mapping will be automatically created.
  • Support Excel and web files: Powerful database management tool which can convert databases to Excel spreadsheets/MS, eliminating time-consuming data entry and the errors that accompany it. Report Maker also allows you to export web-page. You can distribute data to web directly.
  • Good Interface: Report Maker Support different interfaces contain office XP, strong, common. You can save your favorite style.
  • Tree View manager: Tree view manage report files and data elements.
  • Report Templates: Integrated Report Generator to create savable report templates.
  • Powerful database management tool: Which can convert databases to Excel spreadsheets/MS, eliminating time-consuming data entry and the errors that accompany it.
  • Internal calculation function: Report Maker embeds function of expression calculator, and provide over 200 functions for transformation.
  • Visual query builder, and visual report builder.
  • Risk Analyzer: Do decision and risk analysis the easy way.
  • Sensitivity Analyzer: Do many what if and sensitivity analysis cases in seconds.
  • Filter Assistant: Easily filter your data.

Create a Database Connection. Select Data->Database Connection->New Database Connection. Or Right Click DataRecord space. Select the Kind of Database you want to Connection. It Support Personal Database and Client-Server Database. For Example:
If Database is Access: Select Microsoft Jet 3.5/4.0 Ole DB Provide. Click Next.
If Database is SQL Server: Select Microsoft OLE DB For SQL Server.  

Report Maker - reporting software

Create a DataRecord.
Right Click Database Connection. Select New Record. Right Click Top Area, Select Add Table/View. Add Table/View. Select the Fields you need.

Report Maker - standard database

Create link on DataRecord.
Dray the field of table to another field of table.

Report Maker - model advisor

Create a DataLink. Drag the Fields/DataRecord to worksheet.

Report Maker - DataLink

File Manager.

1.GroupTree: Display the different group of file. Group ID: display the different group.
2.Report: Display the report of same group.
3.Template: Display the template of same group.
4.File's properties: File Name, File Label and File type.

Report Maker - database


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System Requirements
  • Pentium class CPU - 350 Mhz65636 color Video Card - 800x60064 Mo RAMMicrosoft Windows® 95 or NT 4.0Microsoft®ComCtl32 v4.72 or +- To use an Explorer® like Toolbar (install provided with the program)- Already installed with Windows 98, 2000 and Internet Explorer 4.01+
  • Html Help- To read new help format (install provided with the program). Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or more is also required to read Html Help - Already installed with Windows 98, 2000 and Internet Explorer 4.01+

US$149.00 Report Maker

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