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  Merge Tables Wizard    

Merge Tables Wizard

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What is this Product?

The Merge Tables Wizard for Microsoft Excel will help you copy matching rows from one Excel table to another. You can use one or several columns as matching criteria, add new columns or update data in existing ones.

You have two separate Microsoft Excel worksheets with common columns e.g. personal number or name. You need to go through each row in the Main (master) spreadsheet, identify the matching row (by index fields) on the second spreadsheet and update in the main spreadsheet selected fields sourced from the second (lookup) spreadsheet, or add some columns from the second list to the main list.


With Merge Tables Wizard for Microsoft Excel you can

  • Find and merge matching data in seconds following 4 easy steps of the Wizard.
  • Use one or several columns as matching criteria.
  • Compare Microsoft Excel lists from different workbooks.
  • Add new columns to the main table or update data in existing columns.
  • Highlight updated data in color.
  • Add a column that shows which rows were updated, and then filter updated or non-updated columns.
  • 100% support of Microsoft Excel 2007: Ribbon interface, one million of rows and so on.

For example, suppose you have 2 Microsoft Excel tables (lists) - "Orders" and "Prices", they both have a column "Product ID".
You want to add a correct price and product description from the second table (lookup table) to you main table.

The task sounds too complicated and task consuming? Probably yes, if you try to do it with standard Microsoft Excel's Match, Lookup, or Vlookup. But definitely not, if you have the Merge Tables Wizard for Microsoft Excel.

Our Merge Tables Wizard makes finding and copying matching data a breeze. This handy add-in quickly finds and combines two Microsoft Excel tables into one by matching the values in corresponding columns.

The two tables can be located in the same Microsoft Excel file or two different Microsoft Excel files. The intuitive and user-friendly interface of the wizard makes the join process fast and easy. Rows from the two tables with different number of columns will be matched perfectly without copying and pasting.

Add-in Express Ltd.

You can download a trial version to test if it will suit your needs.
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System Requirements
Merge Tables Wizard for Microsoft Excel is compatible with:
  • OS: Microsoft Windows® Vista (x32, x64), Microsoft Windows 2003, Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98.
  • Microsoft Excel 2007, Microsoft Excel 2003, Microsoft Excel XP, Microsoft Excel 2000.

US$29.95 Merge Tables Wizard for Microsoft Excel

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