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Categorizing Data for Excel

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What is this Product?

Keep in Mind Business is an individual and flexible database with numerous applications: creation of a knowledge pool for projects, simultaneous use of a knowledge database, an electronic reference work, quality management – Keep in Mind makes it all easy, what could only be achieved by time-consuming activities and extensive software systems, so far.

A lack of communication and differing methods of operation in various departments often form obstacles to success in business. The business edition of Keep in Mind offers you the possibility to generate information quickly and flexibly, to store it centrally in a knowledge data base, pass it on, edit it simultaneously and evaluate it. Cooperation becomes more productive and you can save precious time and costs. Thus you can create an information and knowledge database that is centrally accessible to all employees.


Seamless integration and quick data acquisition via numerous import/export interfacesWith a seamless integration into your software platform and the extensive import/export functions Keep in Mind Business forms the basis of a quick and secure creation of knowledge databases. The possibilities of import and export range from *.doc, *.rtf, *.txt to *.html.

Import Microsoft Outlook
In addition to the usual tasks of data management, Keep in Mind puts an end to the problem of "data unavailability" by importing e-mails from Outlook. Information included in e-mails and attachments is available with a few mouse clicks. Important files attached to e-mails can quickly be found with Keep in Mind.

Related to Mindjet MindManager
Keep in Mind also contains an import interface for Mindjet's brainstorming and planning software MindManager (editions X5 and Pro 6). Thus you can import a business map from MindManager and transfer as structure of database Keep in Mind.
In case you directly want to access your information stored in database of Keep in Mind you can install add-on Keep in Mind Linker for Mindjet MindManager Pro 6.

Obtaining information instantly
You can find all the information stored in a Keep in Mind database quickly and effectively with the search function. This function can be used for several databases simultaneously and contains various search options. Keep in Mind Business makes information instantly available! The "what's new?"-function lists all the information recently added to a Keep in Mind database, if desired.
You can subscribe to elements from Keep in Mind that are very important to your working area and whose changes or extensions you wish to be always informed about. The system informs you automatically and thus you're always up to date about these changes.

Searching through stored documents
With Keep in Mind Business you can store files directly in the database. When using a Microsoft SQL Server you can search through stored files and documents via a full-text search. You can find the information from your PDF files, Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations, text documents, Visio drafts as well as many other applications.

With Keep in Mind Business you can define single tasks as well as complete series. Keep in Mind Business always informs you with the newest updates about the most important "to-dos" of a day. You can link an article within Keep in Mind Business to a task and get informed daily about the due date of the tasks. Similar to Outlook the task management offers a reliable overview as well as a direct reference to the upcoming task and the associated article.

User rights administration for high security
The simple administration of user rights (in combination with a Microsoft SQL server) offers unlimited possibilities for the assignment of user rights for viewing, editing, inserting and deleting information.

User-defined templates for structured information
Much of the information will not become fully utilisable until it is properly structured. You can create your own models in Keep in Mind for books, chapters or articles. Thus everybody can enter information in a similar manner.

Ontaris GmbH & Co. KG
System Requirements
  • Keep in Mind supports the operating systems NT4, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

US$336.00 Keep in Mind Bussines

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