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  Genius Connect    

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What is this Product?

GeniusConnect will synchronize Outlook® data with any relational database that supports ODBC (MS Access, mySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle etc.). An Outlook® folder (Calendar, Contacts*, Mail, Journal, Notes and Tasks) can be linked to a database table.

You can use your own table structure and define conversions for columns with data type's that are not compatible with an Outlook field.

It is possible to use GeniusConnect on multiple Outlook® folders and multiple databases.

GeniusConnect allows you to load data from the database to an Outlook® folder or store Outlook® data in the database. The user can protect his private data by using a different folder to store private items or by telling GeniusConnect to ignore items that are marked as private.

GeniusConnect consists of several COM objects and becomes an integral part of Outlook® after installation.

GeniusConnect adds a new toolbar to Microsoft® Outlook® with buttons specific for synchronizing data and configuring GeniusConnect.

*If you are using Microsoft® Outlook® 2000, only Contact folders are supported.

Features and configuration options:

  • GeniusConnect supports synchronization of the following Outlook Folder types
    Microsoft® Outlook® 2002/2003
    Microsoft® Outlook® 2000

  • Link your own database schema
    Select your database table and link the table columns to Outlook fields. Define data conversion (int to char, date to char etc.) and SQL statements for generation of the primary key.

  • Load selected item(s)
    Load database data for selected outlook item(s) into the outlook folder and update the outlook item(s) data. The selected outlook item(s) will be updated only if a database record already exists.

  • Store selected item(s)
    Store selected contact item(s) data in the database. If a database record already exists, the data will be updated. If a database record doesn’t exist, a new record will be inserted.

  • Load all items
    Load and store all database records in the outlook folder. If a outlook item already exists, the data will be updated. If the outlook item doesn’t exist, a new outlook item will be inserted into the outlook folder.

  • Store all items
    Store all outlook items from the outlook folder in the database. If a database record already exists, the data will be updated. If a database record doesn’t exist, a new record will be inserted.

  • Ignore private items
    Ignore all contact items that are marked as private.

  • Never update Outlook® items
    Never update outlook items that already exists in the contact folder.

  • Never update database items
    Never update database data that already exists in the database.

  • Delete Outlook® items when an item is removed from the database
    Delete Outlook® items that are deleted from the database.

  • Auto-synchronize on start or timer
    Automatically load or store data based on timer.

  • Show progress
    Show progress dialog during loading or storing of data.

  • Link multiple contact folders
    Every outlook folder can be linked to a different table(and/or database).
    Central database contains customer data in the customer table and supplier data in the supplier table.
    Link the contact folder "customers" to the customer table and the contact folder "suppliers" to the supplier table.

  • Import/ Export link setting
    Import or export information about link (mapping) between an Outlook® field and database table field from/to a file.

  • Customizable toolbar

  • New Features version
    - Hide progress status details
    - Support for multiple MS Exchange user Mailboxes in Outlook
    This feature enables server based install of GeniusConnect. It is possible to sync multiple MS Exchange user accounts from one Outlook installation. Changes made by the users from their PC's are automatically saved to the database (Auto Save option).

    Bug Fixes:
    - Wrong LastModificationTime on MS Exchange Folders
    - Error during db record delete on MS Exchange Folders

GeniusConnect toolbar:
Genius Connect -  outlook, database

GeniusConnect Configuration:
Genius Connect - outlook synchronize

Assign Table:
Genius Connect - genius connect

Filter Rows:
Genius Connect - database

GeniusConnect progress:
Genius Connect - outlook synchronize

Radek Holding BV
GeniusConnect comes in 3 license options: Private (1user license), Business (1- 5 users license) and Multi User (50 users license).

Genius Connect - outlook synchronize

You can download a Trial version to test if it will suit your needs.

System Requirements
System Requirements:
  • MS Outlook 2000,XP,2003/2007
  • Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista
  • Attachments are not supported and can not be linked to a database.
  • Exceptions on recurring appointments and tasks are not supported.

US$248.00 Genius Connect

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