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  Data Exchange Wizard    

Data Exchange Wizard

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What is this Product?

Data Exchange Wizard loads data into ANY database from Text, Excel, MS Access, DBF files or any ODBC compliant database. Alternatively, data from Oracle, MS SQL Server or any ODBC source can be exported into flat files. It is easy to use and and does not require advanced technical knowledge or skills.

Data Exchange Wizard may run calculations during import and may also execute SQL statements before and after import. The unique ability to add new and update old records based on the primary key distinguishes Data Exchange Wizard from many other competitors, such as Oracle SQL loader, BCP, DTS or SSIS. The other benefits of the product include a built-in expression builder, error log, and rejected records file.

Many businesses need to centralize data to improve corporate decision-making. But their data may be stored in a variety of formats and in different locations. Data Exchange Wizard addresses this critical business need by providing tools that let you load and consolidate data from disparate sources into single destination. The product is a definite benefit for any organization that needs to create custom data movement solution tailored to the specific business need of your organization.


Data Exchange Wizard is designed to automate loading data into ANY database. Typical usage of it would be truncate table, load data into it, run stored procedure or Sql script, once loading is completed. Unlike Oracle SQL loader, BCP, DTS or SSIS Data Exchange Wizard can also add new and update old records based on primary key. Some examples of what our customers use this ETL tool for include:

Load Data From:

Multiple Delimited or Fixed width Text files
Multiple Excel files + Multiple Excel Spreadsheets
Multiple MS Access Databases + Multiple Tables
Multiple DBF Files
Multiple Tables
MS Sql Server
Any ODBC Database


Oracle 7-11g database
SQL server 7- 2005
Any ODBC Compliant Database

It can:

Export Data
Add Records
Update Records
Delete Records
Add New and Update existing Records
Apply Functions to Database Fileds
Apply user defined Date format
Run Sql script before and after loading data
Filter Source Data
Run calculations during import
Use Select Statement as a Data Source
Run import script from the command line

If something went wrong Data Exchange Wizard writes detailed message into error log and writes a record into rejected records file.


DB Software Laboratory Limited

You can download a Trial version to test if it will suit your needs.


US$130.00 Data Exchange Wizard

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