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  Advanced Access Repair    

Advanced Access Repair

Price: US$299.95

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What is this Product?

Advanced Access Repair (AAR) is a powerful Access recovery tool. It uses advanced technologies to scan the corrupt or damaged Microsoft Access databases(.mdb files) and recover your data in them as much as possible, so to minimize the loss in file corruption.
Solution for Following Common Errors Due to Access Database Corruption

and now in this version:

  • Rewrite the whole application.
  • Support Access 2007 databases.
  • Support Windows Vista.
  • Fix some minor bugs.
  • Support to repair Microsoft Access 95, 97, 2000, XP, 2003 and 2007 databases.
  • Support to recover the structure and records of the tables in Access databases.
  • Support to recover MEMO and OLE fields.
  • Support to recover deleted tables and records in Access databases.
  • Support to recover autonumber fields and indexes.
  • Support to recover relations.
  • Support to recover password encrypted Access databases.
  • Support to fix Access mdb files on corrupted medias, such as floppy disks, Zip disks, CDROMs, etc.
  • Support to find and select the Access mdb files to be repaired on the local computer, according to some criterias.
  • Support to repair a batch of Access mdb files.
  • Support integration with Windows Explorer, so you can repair mdb file with the context menu of Windows Explorer easily.
  • Support drag & drop operation.
  • Support command line parameters.

When your Microsoft Access databases(.mdb files) are damaged or corrupt due to various reasons and you cannot open them normally, you can use Advanced Access Repair to scan the .mdb files and recover the data from the files as much as possible.

DataNumen, Inc.

You can download a Demo version to test if it will suit your needs. But the demo version will not output the fixed file. Please order the full version to get the fixed file.

System Requirements

Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows Server 2003


US$299.95 Advanced Access Repair

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