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  DecisionTools Suite 5.7    

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What is this Product?

You make difficult decisions every day–decisions based on a thorough analysis of the alternatives and the available data. But what if the alternatives are uncertain and ill-defined? Or the data is sketchy or doesn’t exist? Every day analysts, engineers, and managers around the world rely on the DecisionTools Suite to help them solve problems, uncover opportunities, and make better decisions.

Buy Decision Tools in order to get benefits and Guarantee

New in DecisionTools Suite 5.7

All products in the DecisionTools Suite 5.7 are fully compatible with 64-bit Excel 2010. 64-bit technology enables Excel and DecisionTools products to access much more computer memory than ever before.
This allows for vastly larger models and greater computational power.

In addition, all products in the DecisionTools Suite have been fully translated into Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese. All dialogs, menus, documentation, examples and tutorials have been carefully translated, making the DecisionTools Suite more accessible to decision makers around the world.

Language Versions
All products in the DecisionTools Suite have been fully translated into Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, and Japanese. All dialogs, menus, documentation, examples and tutorials have been carefully translated, making the DecisionTools Suite more accessible to decision makers around the world. You can switch language settings from within any DecisionTools program, even if you do not have administrator rights.

DecisionTools Launch Menu
This lets you conveniently launch any DecisionTools product from within any running DecisionTools product. Start PrecisionTree from within @RISK with a single click!

DecisionTools Products Now Appear in Excel's Add-in List
You have always been allowed to add any DecisionTools add-in (such as Risk.xla) to the Excel add-ins list so it will automatically load every time Excel starts. However, this process was cumbersome because it required you to browse for the correct file. Now, each DecisionTools product will automatically appear in the add-ins list (unchecked) the first time you launch it, making it easier to access.

DecisionTools That Work Together in Excel

The DecisionTools Suite is an integrated set of programs designed to work together in Microsoft Excel to provide combined analyses for optimum decision analysis in one package! The DecisionTools Suite brings together: @RISK, PrecisionTree®, TopRank®, RISKOptimizer®, BestFit® , and @RISKAccelerator®. Installation is fast and easy, using a single CD-ROM. The programs themselves have been designed to work together in an integrated environment, running from a common toolbar in Microsoft Excel. All have Microsoft Office-style interfaces, menus, and toolbars. This means that you don’t have to spend a lot of time learning how to use the DecisionTools Suite.

Greater Than the Sum of its Parts
Each component of the DecisionTools Suite can perform a powerful analysis. When you combine these products, you can perform analyses with more complete results than any single program can provide. Incorporate decision analysis in your spreadsheet model by creating a decision tree with PrecisionTree. Then perform a “What-if” analysis with TopRank to identify critical variables in the model. Bring in @RISK to analyze the risk inherent in the chance events and uncertain payoffs of your PrecisionTree model. Use BestFit to quantify risks in your @RISK, PrecisionTree, and TopRank models. Perform a risk analysis of uncertain factors with @RISK, then use RISKOptimizer to help allocate variables you can control.

@RISK 5.5.1 for risk analysis using Monte Carlo simulation @RISK performs risk analysis using Monte Carlo simulation to show you many possible outcomes in your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet—and tells you how likely they are to occur. This means you can judge which risks to take and which ones to avoid.

Greater Than the Sum of its Parts
Each component of the DecisionTools Suite can perform a powerful analysis. When you combine these products, you can achieve more complete results than any single program can provide.

@RISK and TopRank
The focus of an @RISK analysis can be narrowed using TopRank. Especially with large models, this saves time and improves accuracy of your @RISK analysis. @RISK functions can also be used by TopRank to represent a wider range of values than TopRank’s standard functions.

@RISK and PrecisionTree
In addition, @RISK can be combined with PrecisionTree to represent uncertain chance events and payoffs in decision tree models. This enhances the accuracy of decision tree models by considering wider ranges of values for chance events instead of a few limited, discrete options.

@RISK then StatTools
@RISK results can be run through a StatTools analysis to assess confidence intervals. @RISK can also be applied to results from a StatTools time-series forecast to simulate possible outcomes with more precision.

Two Editions to Meet Your Needs




The DecisionTools Suite includes the following tools:

The popular risk analysis add-in to Excel that helps you identify hidden opportunities and avoid pitfalls. Add the power of Monte Carlo simulation to any Excel spreadsheet. Replace uncertain values in your spreadsheet with @RISK distribution functions and simulate. Use historical data to select your @RISK functions. The result is a distribution of possible outcomes and the probabilities of those outcomes occurring. Use presentation-quality graphs and charts to explain your findings to others.

The decision analysis add-in for Excel that lets you illustrate to others what you should do and why. Create decision trees and influence diagrams in your spreadsheets. Use decision trees to visually model a sequence of decision-making events. Results include a full statistical report, sensitivity charts and risk profile graphs.

The “what-if” add-in to Excel that narrows your analytical focus in seconds.
Determine the most critical factors in your spreadsheets automatically. TopRank scans your entire spreadsheet and identifies which cells affect your bottom line the most, and then ranks them in easy-to-understand Tornado charts and statistical reports.

Solve tough combinatorial problems like never before with this optimization add-in to Excel. Use genetic algorithms to find the best possible combination of controllable factors to lead to a desired result. Then run a Monte Carlo simulation on the scenario to see the effects of uncontrollable variables. RISKOptimizer combines these analyses automatically. Available in DecisionTools Suite Industrial.

…And more!

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  » Case Studies
Retirement planning
Currency valuation
Real options analysis
Discounted Cash Flow analysis
Portfolio optimization
  » Details
  » Case Studies
Loss reserves estimation
Premium pricing
  » Details
  » Case Studies
Six Sigma and quality analysis
New product analysis
Production siting
Plant shutdown
Product life cycle analysis
  » Details
  » Case Studies
Six Sigma and quality analysis
Exploration and production
Oil reserves estimation
Capital project estimation
Regulation compliance
  » Details
  » Case Studies
New product analysis
R&D estimation
Disease infection estimation
  » Details
  » Case Studies
Endangered species preservation
Pollution cleanup and projections
  » Details
  » Case Studies
Resource allocation
War games
Welfare and budgetary projections
  » Details
  » Case Studies
Cost estimating
Highway planning and optimization
Supply chain distribution

100% Excel

@RISK simulations are calculated 100% within Excel, supported by Palisade sampling and statistics proven in over twenty years of use. Palisade does not attempt to rewrite Excel in an external recalculator to gain speed. A single recalculation from an unsupported or poorly reproduced macro or function can dramatically change your results. Where will it occur, and when? Palisade harnesses the power of multiple CPUs and multi-core processors to give you the fastest calculations. Correct results—and fast—using @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite!

COMPATIBILITY: DecisionTools Suite is compatible with PC Excel 2000 and higher and PC Windows 2000 and higher.

NOTE: For more information about this product, please take a look to the PDF of DecisionTools Suite Brochure.

See all possible outcomes with Monte Carlo simulation Avoid pitfalls and identify opportunities in @RISK or PrecisionTree models
Map out decisions with decision trees and influence diagrams Identify and illustrate the best alternative
Works in Excel No need to learn new applications from scratch
Genetic algorithm optimization Solve complex, nonlinear problems involving uncertainty
Sensitivity or What-If Analysis Identify the most important variables in @RISK or PrecisionTree models
Distribution viewing and fitting Accurate description of uncertainty
Presentation-quality graphs and reports Easily explain results and recommendations to others
Full integration between programs Easily install and migrate between component tools; apply analyses from one tool to another tool’s model for greater insight
Parallel processing Speed up large Monte Carlo simulations by using available CPUs within a single machine
Bundle pricing Save money compared to buying products separately

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DecisionTools Suite, Risk Analysis

@RISK 4.5's advanced graphing is just one of the powerful analyses you'll perform with the DecisionTools Suite! RISKOptimizer combines simulation with optimization to solve the most complex problems.
Decision Analysis, Excel Add-ins
Visually map out complex decisions with Precision Tree. Identify critical factors quickly with TopRank.

Technical Support: Personalized technical support is free with a current maintenance plan. Contact more details to

If you want 5 or more licenses, you will receive a special discount. Please contact to for more details.


You can download a 10 days FREE trial version to test if it will suit your needs.
FREE Trial

System Requirements
  • Minimum Platform: IBM PC compatible Pentium or higher; Microsoft Windows 95 or higher; Microsoft Excel 97 or higher
  • Recommended: 32 MB RAM, or greater
  • Spreadsheet: Excel 97, Excel 2000, Excel XP and later

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