Model Assistant Suite

Model Assistant Suite

Model Assistant Suite is the most useful collection of add-ins for people who uses Microsoft® Excel® as a decision making tool: to build, review, analyze and present more robust models, quicker.
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Dashboard tools for Excel

Dashboard tools for Excel

Dashboard Tools for Excel is an add-in software for Microsoft® Excel® which helps you to understand complex relationships in your Excel models.
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  • Spreadsheet Goal for Excel
    Spreadsheet Goal for Excel
    It empowers Goal Seek function of Microsoft Excel allowing you to apply it to many cells at one time, simply configuring the Spreadsheet Goal Seeker's wizard.
  • Financial Advisor for Excel
    Financial Advisor for Excel
    Discounted Cash Flows, Borrowing, Business Profitability, Financial Planning, Investing, Bonds, Cost of Capital, Options, Valuation and more in this powerful financial toolbox!!!.


  • Excel Financial Templates Collection
    Excel Financial Templates Collection
    Our Financial Excel All Programs & Services provides 150 business finance spreadsheets which will help you analyze investments, forecast cash flows, set up budgets and model financial statements and forecasts...
  • QuickValue PRO 2011
    QuickValue PRO 2011
    After sales service advertisement: 5,000 business contacts want professional, DIY and industrial tools, electronics & automation, office stationery, paper & equipment.
  • Financial Excel Collection
    Financial Excel Collection
    All Programs Complete Set Gold Edition supplies all our Excel templates/workbooks for business finance applications.
  • Savings & Investment Planner
    Savings & Investment Planner
    ESavings & Investment Planner provides the perfect financial assistance if you want to seriously improve your personal finances.
  • Consolidated Budgeting with Excel
    Consolidated Budgeting with Excel
    Developed by the team retained as consultants by companies in the UK, USA and Canada to negotiate investment financing from banks, investors & corporate partnerships - 100% success...
  • Inventory Manager PRO For Excel
    Inventory Manager PRO For Excel
    Inventory Manager provides manufacturing and operations decision support for inventory management and scheduling with Excel. Maximum 10,000 inventory items capacity.
  • Financial Statement Forecasting PRO
    Financial Statement Forecasting PRO
    When you need a quick snap way to create your financial statement forecasts for your senior managers, bank manager or investors use Financial Statement Forecasting PRO.
  • Excel Add-ins & Training Bible
    Excel Add-ins & Training Bible
    Now includes latest Excel address lists, company names, stock symbols, cash balances, contact emails of dynamic Canadian capital blind pool investment firms. Public trading shares.
  • Quick 3 Year Plan
    Quick 3 Year Plan
    Our complete collection of our financial plan workbooks provides 50 business finance spreadsheets plus 9 Excel Add-ins and full Excel Training Course to help you create your forecasts quickly and easily.
  • Quick Budget Plan for Investors
    Quick Budget Plan for Investors
    This Excel workbook will help you negotiate and secure investment financing from banks, investors & corporate partnerships - we scored 100% success for our clients using this approach.



Corporate Strategy



  • Dashboard Tools for Excel + Tools for Excel Tables
    You don't figure out what they can do for you. Dashboard Tools for Excel + Tools for Excel Tables, by only:
    US$ 69.95
  • Stock Quotes for Excel + Exchange Rates for Excel
    Two useful Online Functions: Stock Quotes for Excel + Exchange Rates for Excel By just $ 74.95

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